What we do
EM is an exceptional agency
Founded in 2010, EM offers strategic communications support around capital markets deals, mergers & acquisitions, crisis situations, reputation management, shareholder activism, as well as ESG consulting and CEO advisory. Just five of the things that really set us apart:
Superior capital markets knowledge
Capital markets are the lifeblood of our business. We have supported more fundraisings in our core market – ECM and DCM – than any of our peers, and we know like nobody else how to make a transaction successful.
Exceptional breadth of experience
Our team draws on decades in fields from investment banking to financial journalism, as well as hands-on PR and investor relations both in-house and agency-side.
Unparalleled ability to tell emerging markets stories
We know how markets and media in key financial centres think about developing markets, and we know how to bridge the gaps. Our relationships with opinion-forming media across the US, Europe and Asia are second to none.
Thinking outside the box
Creativity and non-standard solutions are our stock-in trade when it comes to helping our clients get their messages across. We offer all the usual services but when we truly excel is when these are not enough.
Who you see is who you get
We do not have a “pitch team” that exists only to dazzle clients when they first meet us and then disappears once the mandate is won. The people who pitch, and the people on our team page, are the people who work with our clients every day.

Our services

We believe financial communications are most successful when treated as an integrated whole. So while we offer specialist expertise in all of the areas outlined below, what our clients get goes far beyond just a standard set of financial PR and investor relations services.
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Capital markets
We support our clients in equity and dept capital markets transactions. Collectively, we have advised on more than 100 IPOs, SPOs, Eurobond placements and other capital markets transactions. In 2017, we worked as advisers on half of all Russian IPOs.
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lnvestor relations
We help our clients build and maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with the Investment community worldwide, and know how to address the issues that matter to investors. We also act as our clients' eyes and ears in the markets, and provide authoritative advice on compliance with changing regulatory requirements.
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Mergers & acquisitions
We have worked on some of the biggest and highest-profile transactions in our markets and across borders, worth billions of dollars. We know how to make the case for а deal to all interested parties, from investors to regulators to employees and customers. Special situations advisory From shareholder activism (on both sides) to delisting to how to handle fallouts among shareholders and wider disputes we have done it all - and more. And we do it better than anyone else.
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Special situations advisory
From shareholder activism (on both sides) to de-listings to how to handle fallouts among shareholders and wider disputes, we have done it all – and more. And we do it better than anyone else.
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Crisis communications
Crises are а fact of life in emerging markets, and we have successfully navigated dozens or them. We immerse ourselves fully from the moment а crisis hits and maintain cool heads and а sense of perspective to offer expert advice on communicating in а timely and relevant manner with all interested parties.
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Reputation management
Some people like to bе written about. Some do not. We are equally effective at delivering the desired results for both. We advise high-profile and low­-profile individuals and institutions alike on how to successfully manage their public images.